Conflict Resoultion

Conflicts are not only unavoidable, they represent always a new opportunity for development, provided that they are dealt with effectively. With our vast experience in handling conflicts between suppliers and channel partners, we offer to be a neutral resource in conflict resolution.

Post Merger Integration Activities

After an acquisition, overlaps and synergies in the respective sales organisations of the merging parties need to be identified and dealt with across the entire market landscape. We provide the relevant assessment methodology and tools and support the change process.

Channel Search and Selection

Searching and selecting new Channel Partners for existing and new markets requires a systematic approach. We support in establishing the required Channel Profile, conducting the search and facilitate the selection process including documentation of the individual steps.

Complete Channel Development Programs/Education

Go-to-Market Assessment, Methodologies and customised Tools for Channel Partner Management plus tailor made Education of the workforce managing Channel partners are combined and rolled out across geographies in a medium to long term engagement in an entire Channel Development Program for suppliers.


Workshops with Teams and Organisations in which we mutually  assess the current way of working, identify development imperatives/opportunities and create tailor made development programs. (Examples: Assess/change the Go-to-Market approach in a given market, identify synergies after Post Merger Integration, Channel Partner incentivization)

Workshops with Owners, General Managers and Sales Managers of Channel Partners aim to optimize their offering to clients and suppliers.


Individual Consulting and Coaching for Managers who want to further rationalise and improve their Go-to-Market effectiveness, expand their market reach, set up new channel partners, find new suppliers, address performance issues in their existing channel landscape or implement organisational changes.

Engagements may last from a number of individual coaching sessions over a relatively short period of time to being accompanied throughout an entire change process that may last for several months.