The goal to expand and grow Sales and Services internationally raises numerous questions for Sales-, Indirect Channel Managers and Marketiers alike that require solid, well thought-through answers before a specific Go-To-Market model can be applied. We accompany organizations in this quest to optimise their market presence and provide proven methodologies and tools to monitor and manage the performance of their sales channels.

Examples of typical Supplier questions:

  • What is the best Rout to Market for this environment considering our ambitions to grow, the available resources and our risk appetite?
  • Shall we create a direct presence to cover all or parts of the market?
  • Shall we engage with indirect channel partners?
  • What type of partners do we need?
  • How to find them?
  • Whom to select from a list of candidates?
  • How do we get the most out of the market together with our partners?
  • How do we measure and document the performance and capabilities of our Channel Partners?
  • How do we best motivate and incentivize our partners?

Examples of typical Channel Partner questions:

  • How can I complement my existing portfolio to optimize my offering to my clients?
  • How can I best attract innovative and reputable brands?
  • How can I optimize the cooperation with my key suppliers to generate more business with better ROCE (Return of Capital Employed)
  • How do I document my customer reach and annual business plans?

Markets and companies are very dynamic, therefore both Supplier’s and Channel Partners need to ask:

  • Are we getting a fair share from the available market at a reasonable margin?
  • Who are the players (Partners/Suppliers) with who’s offering we are satisfied and with whom we have an aligned strategy?
  • Who needs to develop/change? How do I make this visible and address it professionally?
  • Should we change our Route to Market and if yes, how do we do this with minimal negative effects on the market and without negative financial consequences?

After acquisitions and mergers:

  • How do we consolidate our set-up in the new situation?
  • Do we have objective criteria to make these decisions?